Guanajuato = Beautiful

I am in Guanajuato, Mexico. I am moved in to my home for the next few weeks… it is a beautiful city. Absolutely beautiful. We arrived here last night after a 5 hour bus ride from Mexico City and Teotihuacan. This first picture is from Tuesday at the Museum of Anthropology. It was a cool … [Read more…]

Pine Cove Towers…

Well, summer 2008 is over. It was a crazy ride. This photo is the majority of Towers Leadership 2008/ my good friends from this summer. So, this photo is basically a shout out to them all. They are some of the funniest and incredible people I know (tear). I have learned so much this summer … [Read more…]

Me gusta Panama.

Well I just got back from Panama two days ago. It was a very learning experience. Though I have been there 2 years prior, every year is different. Different things, different teammmates, different lessons learned. I think that in general, the Lord is teaching me what it means to be faithful. To be obedient. Obedience. … [Read more…]