Chick-fil-A or Bust

Last Wednesday, March 26th, at 6 am, I arrived at the Chick-Fil-A on Texas Ave in College Station and did not leave until 6:30 am on Thursday the 27th. Why?? Because I wanted to be one of the first 100 customers and win 52 free meals. I succeeded by being number 19 out of 100. … [Read more…]

Brotherly Love

The weekend at the end of spring break, my parents, brother Zach and I went to South Lake to hang out, shop, etc. Zach and I took a few pictures on Photo Booth for entertainment. I thought I would throw them up here on the good ‘ole blog. Side note: I stink horribly at posting… … [Read more…]

a college tradition

Texas A&M… home of tradition. Being the Aggie I am, my Kappa friends and I started our own tradition. We began this sophomore year when we all lived in the Kappa house together. It has been fun and many great conversations have come from it… as well as being tired the next morning and going … [Read more…]

1 of 6.5 billion

You may be asking yourself? What does she mean by her title… well, I just feel it necessary to point out my life in respect to every other life on this planet. When I think of my life in relation to that ratio, I gain a lot of perspective. I am merely one life of … [Read more…]