1. mary-jane pino

    Impressed with your writing ~ so well done ~ much more impressed with your message ~ what a victor and encourager you are ~ thanks❣️

  2. Nola Slack

    Kimberly, you are strong also. It has been such a joy and pleasure watching the Ginnings family grow up and trust in and live for our Father. Love you all.

  3. Amy W.

    Thanks for sharing this. You definitely have an incredible sister in M. And she has amazing family. As I pray for her, I often find myself thanking God for placing her in such a great family. “For such a time as this.” God sure knows what he is doing.

  4. Joy Hadden

    Kimberly, my sister Debbie and I pray for your family every day. Blessings as you help her thru this battle! You and Brady remind me of Aaron and Hur helping Moses prevail thru the battle.

  5. Shannon Howel

    Kimberly, thank you for sharing your sisters journey and the beautiful song. May God be with you both during this time. ❤

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